2022 Interfaith Forum

2022 Annual Summer Interfaith Forum (In-Person)

Date: Friday 10am – 3pm (ET), July 8, 2022
Location: Tillman Chapel at the Church Center of the United Nations
Registration is HERE
Contact: wbslearn@woninstitute.edu

2022 Annual Summer Interfaith Forum:
Together for a Beloved Community  

As future faith leaders how can we create spaces of true belonging and real connection?

We live in a country that is rich in diversity and intersectionality, necessitating a dialogue about how to establish spaces of faith where people can believe in and belong to themselves, as well as have a sense of connection to a larger humanity. We believe religious communities, faith leaders and those on a spiritual journey can play a central role by embodying their spiritual values in creating a more just, harmonious, and peaceful world.

On July 8th, 2022, we will host future leaders in their twenties and thirties to explore ways we can cultivate spaces where people feel seen, heard, and valued. How might we as people of faith, support individuals and communities connected to their religious and spiritual identities, to amplify their voice, vision, and public leadership?

We are seeking a diversity of participants in their twenties and thirties. Individuals may define as those who lead publicly through a religious or spiritual voice or those who lead publicly with a secular voice and have a strong private religious and/or spiritual practice. For the safety of everyone, we require that you be fully vaccinated, symptom-free in order to attend the service in person.

Co-organized by Won Institute of Graduate Studies

Published by Won Buddhism UN & Interfaith

Won Buddhism UN & Interfaith Office envisions a world where all individuals and communities live in peace and harmony based on the Buddhist principles of interdependency and interconnectedness. We are inspired by the example of Master Sotaesan, the founder of Won Buddhism, who was also a champion of gender equality, international peace and global cooperation.