Won Visionary Activists

Won Visionary Activists Gathering: Changing Humanity. One Breath at a Time.

May 3 – 5, 2013
Location: Won Dharma Center

Sponsored by Won Buddhism 100th Anniversary Committee


In the Hudson Valley of NY, humanitarians of international stature gather to explore the emerging new global potential during a weekend retreat at the Won Dharma Center. The visionaries hail from varied backgrounds; media hosts, songwriters, environmentalists, and UN dignitaries, have come together to embrace the ancient and spiritual perception of universal kinship and equality. Their goal is to reflect on how to contribute more meaningfully to our planet and all its inhabitants, assisting a hopeful emergence and evolutionary leap in our collective consciousness. A Global Visionary Congress at the UN in 2016, is expected to flow from this unique annual gathering.


Humanity is now ready to move beyond the historically fragmented perspectives that have brought us dangerously close to the edge of a global breakdown. We face enormous challenges. Our economic and social systems are deeply inequitable, and there is a growing awareness that they are also unsustainable. A hopeful emergence is gathering pace which heralds an evolutionary leap in our collective consciousness. It embraces the ancient and spiritual perception of universal kinship and equality.


The inaugural WON Visionary Activists Gathering invited a diverse group of participants, including politicians, scientists, educators, businesspeople, media consultants, journalists, policymakers, artists, musicians, social media experts, religious leaders and spiritual healers. Their aim was to take the first steps in an inspiring and empowering journey together in service to people and planet; to facilitate the emergence of a whole-worldview and an evolutionary Shift of consciousness.


The program expedited a three-fold process of Reflecting, Envisaging and Co-creating to articulate a Vision of a whole-worldview and explore how to facilitate an emergent leap of collective consciousness. It culminated with an agreement of specific next steps to be progressed through multidisciplinary, intergenerational, intercultural, interfaith, international and inter-civilizational dialogue and actions.

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Won Buddhism UN & Interfaith Office envisions a world where all individuals and communities live in peace and harmony based on the Buddhist principles of interdependency and interconnectedness. We are inspired by the example of Master Sotaesan, the founder of Won Buddhism, who was also a champion of gender equality, international peace and global cooperation.