Benefit Concert for World Environment Day

Benefit Concert for World Environment Day

Date: Sunday, June/03/2018
Time: 2pm (ET)
Location: 431 East 57th st. NY, NY 10022

Join us for a day of exquisite music and wonderful food as we raise awareness and money to support the World Environment Day.

Sunday, June/03/2018
11:00 am Dharma Service (Spiritual Memorial Service)
12:30pm  Luncheon
2:00pm Concert 

World Environment Day (WED) occurs on 5 June every year, and is the UN’s most important day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. Each World Environment Day is organized around a theme that focuses attention on a particularly pressing environmental concern. The theme for 2018 is beating plastic pollution.
#WorldEnvironmentDay  #BeatPlasticPollution   #CleanSeas

Suggested donation for a ticket is $30
All proceeds will go to support the World Environment Day through the work of WonBulKyo (Won Buddhism) Eco Network



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