United Religions

Won Buddhism embraces and accepts those of other faiths and seeks to work with them to build a better world. The Founding Master, Sotaesan said,

The fundamental principles of the world’s religions are essentially one, but as different religions have long been established with different systems and expedients, there have been not a few incidents of failure to reach harmony and dialogue between these religious groups. All of this is due to ignorance of the fundamental principles underlying all religions and their sects. How could this be the original intent of all the Buddhas and sages?

Won Buddhism proposes that people of all faiths unite and that all international interfaith organizations develop into a much strengthened Inter-Religious Organization. This new entity would take the lead in solving the spiritual problems of all nations on the basis on moral principles. Currently, religion and politics are like two wheels on one wagon. One wheel is the political sphere served through the United Nations. The second wheel is the religious sphere which is weak. Therefore, in order to enhance stability, the political United Nations and a stronger Inter-Religious Organization should function harmoniously within the world community, establishing peace and a process toward successful human development.

By teaching the explicit acceptance of other religions, Won Buddhism attempts to build peace among religions and lead inter-religious understanding and cooperation. Won Buddhism is a founding member of the Korean Conference of Religions for Peace and the International Peace Corps of Religions. The representatives of Won Buddhism actively engage in the World Conference of Religions for Peace, the Asian Conference of Religions for Peace and the World Fellowship of Buddhists. Won Buddhists have participated and promoted in local, national, regional and international interreligious dialogue and cooperation since 1970.

All religions and churches must understand their foundation of the common source. This understanding can bring a greater harmony among different religious traditions.

Master ChongSan