About Us

About us

Won Buddhism is actively engaged in supporting human rights, gender equality, religious freedom, cultural exchange, and environmental protection Won Buddhism has been accredited by the Department of Public Information of the United Nations as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) since 1992.

A Won Buddhism representative has served as the President of Religious NGOs at the UN. Additionally, WB representatives served as the founding Co-Chair of Values Caucus at the UN, and organizer of the Universal Ethics Millennium Conference at the UN. The egalitarian principles of Won Buddhism and its commitment to global peace dovetail with the principles of the United Nations. Won Buddhism provides a vision for One World Community based on the truth of interconnectedness and interdependency of all.

The Won Buddhism Founding teacher, Sotaesan predicted that a universal and even cosmic interdependence would bring together people of all continents, all races and all religions to face a common future. He presented fundamental principles for peaceful coexistence of the world community, promoting peace and justice, love and compassion among the members of the earth community.

Master Chung-San proclaimed Triple Universal Ethics to clarify the vision for One World Community;

All religions are based on the common source, all human beings are interconnected as One Extended Family, and all social and political enterprises should work toward a prosperous and peaceful world community.

master chungsan

The Triple Universal Ethics provides a strong spiritual and ethical base with which to actualize the Charter of the United Nations. We the People of the United Nations have a Common Principle and Common Purpose as One Family to live well individually and to create a better world collectively.

Although opinions and methods may differ, there is agreement with respect to awakening the world and making it more peaceful and just. Although we come from different walks of life, we all have a common task: to build the House of Truth and to make a home for love and justice. If all social, political and religious enterprises apply their vast and unique resources, the development of a peaceful world could be achieved.